The Fireplace

Fireside Chats

2015 Schedule


TIME: 3:00 P.M. – 4:15 P.M.
COST: $25  – $30 (tasting prices may vary)
RESERVATIONS: Appreciated (Not Required)
PHONE: 617.975.1900

It’s fun to mix it up on the weekends (sometimes literally.) We love American wines, New England micro-brewed beers, local produce and fine liquors – and we want to share that passion. Join us at The Fireplace for tastings every other Saturday. We’ll sample (and learn about) wines, spirits, beers and tastes of the season’s bounty with farmers, vintners, aficionados and master brewers leading the way.



Saturday 10th
New England Bourbon and Rye

Saturday 24th
Cabernet Sauvignon


Saturday 7th
John & Abigail Love Letters &
Traditional Colonial Spirits
(Valentine’s Special)

Saturday 21st
Single Malt Scotch

Saturday 28th
Boston Massacre:
Right to a fair trial (precedent).


Saturday 14th

Saturday 28th
Petit Syrah


Saturday 11th
Patriots Day Special
Colonial Spirits & Cuisine of Our
Founding Fathers

Saturday 25th
New England Micro Brewed Beers


Saturday 2nd
Cinco de Mayo Special

Saturday 23rd
Mixing Martinis
Traditional to Strawberry Mint


Saturday 13th
Glorious New England Cheese
Paired with Great American Wine

Saturday 20th
Cool Summer Cocktails
Learn to make and, of course imbibe!

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