The Fireplace in Brookline MA

FOOD WITH INTEGRITY. We buy what’s local and in season here in New England. We make it in a simple, thoughtful way that tastes good, always with a nod to where we are. We serve it in an atmosphere that’s warming and un-fussy. We are conscious of our environment in every move we make. And we give back to the community and the causes that matter most.

The Fireplace will be open Christmas Eve for Lunch & Dinner and Christmas day from 11am-9pm. Also check out our The restaurant will be decorated with Winter Holiday Spirit and we will be serving a specialty menu.MORE »
Join us as we ring in the New Year with style. Indulge your appetite with our swanky, upscale menu that year after year reflects more savory delicacies like fois gras , pate, and rack of lamb.MORE »
Shake off the night before and join us at The Fireplace for brunch between 11am and 3pm, but don’t take off those PJ’s. View our Christmas Brunch Menu for even more brunch options.MORE »

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NOTHING OVER $20 Sunday-Thursday, dinner specials Humbly priced. Look for these delicious dishes.